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With 6 different giant fan models, Fantastic is one of the best Giant Fan provider in the market, made to suit every kind of places: from school to factory, from resort to residential property.

ECF Series

‘EM’ Magnetic Suspension Energy Saving Giant Fan

As the product name suggests, this fan employs magnetic technology within the fan. With no gear, no shafts, and a high speed and torque ratio, you can expect your “EM” Magnetic Suspension Energy Saving Giant Fan to work efficiently and silently.

Ranging from 2.5m to 6.1m in diameter, our 6 different model variations will have the right size that will suit your needs well. You can use the ECF series for areas that need a large air volume circulation at 12268m³/min.

Tkf Series

High-Volume-Low-Speed Fan (HVLS)

HVLS fans are designed with lower energy consumption in mind. Should you have a large setting that needs to be well ventilated and cooled down, a giant fan can fit your needs.

Our HVLS fan has a larger wingspan – up to 7.3m in diameter. HVLS fans require only a low speed setting to spread cooling air over a large coverage. A single HVLS fan from us can have a max coverage of up to 1500m, so that you can save the cost of smaller fans installations.

MLF Series

Mobile Large Industrial Fan

Bring cool air flow with you with our Mobile Large Industrial Fans. These fans are best suited for large workplaces, such as in a factory or workshop setting. Just roll these fans around to anywhere you need it! Giant Fan

Take your pick from three different fan diameters – 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m. The bigger the diameter, the bigger the airflow circulation. That’s anywhere between 1782m³/min to 5054m³/min, with an effective working distance up to 30m away!

PTF Series

Pole Type HVLS Fan Giant Fan

The pole type HVLS fan can be installed at places where there are no ceilings that the HVLS fans can be installed from. Since these fans are to be installed in an outdoor setting, the fans have a relatively big diameter as well.

Our Pole Type HVLS Fan can distribute an airflow volume of up to 4230m³/min with a 4.2m diameter. A single unit of this fan can cover up to 300m³, making it suitable for installation on most outdoor premises. Giant Fan

Weatherproof Polyester GRP Instrument Sunshade

Our Fantastic Sunshades are designed to protect instruments, switches & other equipments. Giant Fan

Instrument sunshades provide a high degree of protection from excess temperature rises that might cause a drift in measurement accuracy. It also protects your equipment from rain, dust and accidental impact.

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