HVLS Fan Malaysia & Its Surprising Benefits for Factories (2022 Best Industrial Ceiling Fan)

02 May 2022
HVLS Fan Malaysia & Its Surprising Benefits for Factories (2022 Best Industrial Ceiling Fan)
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HVLS Fan Malaysia & Its Surprising Benefits for Factories (2022 Best Industrial Ceiling Fan)

High-volume low-speed fans or abbreviated as HVLS fan malaysia have made their way to becoming an energy-saving predominance amongst industrial, commercial and residential spaces. As a topmost choice for warehouses and factories, a HVLS fan in general has surpassed their counterparts for enabling lower energy costs, boosted quality control, and improved air circulation alongside various other benefits. 

These fans circulate at a fairly low speed whilst supplanting a high volume of air followed by a low to zero noise levels and maintenance. They are extremely efficient and safe, hence a perfect fit for industrial, commercial, and agricultural spaces where the area of coverage is relatively large. TK FanTastic has devoted themselves to manufacturing superior quality HVLS fan malaysia in conjunction with their expertise and mastery that cater to all sectors.

What is The Science Behind HVLS Fan Malaysia?

The HVLS fan moves large amounts of air and breaks apart the moisture-saturated boundary surrounding the human body. This accelerates the human body’s natural evaporation to release a comfortable, cooling effect. 

A good pair of HVLS fan malaysia fixed atop the ceiling provides ample amounts of air as it spins and pushes air down and drags along the ground. As more air gets pushed toward the ground, the air moves forward until it attains a sidewall, and proceeds moving back upward to produce an airflow circulation. This precise circulation serves a positive upside in eliminating humidity which we can rarely benefit from a regular industrial fan or blower. In a reverse direction, the HVLS fans form a subtle updraft that forces warm air off the ceiling and down, keeping everyone warm during monsoon seasons. 

How Much Does a HVLS Fan Malaysia Cost on Average?

Before we get into the myriad of benefits it serves, let’s see if it is friendly enough for your wallet.


Pinpointing the general cost of a HVLS fan can be challenging owing to the vast array of options available out there. Having said that, maintaining a specific upfront cost can help narrow down your options. It is also vital that you consider the potential cooling and heating savings of a HVLS fan compared to the conventional air conditioning and heating system. You stand a chance of reducing your electricity expense by over 50% just by availing yourself of HVLS fan malaysia. 

Consider The Following Factors When Allocating Your Budget :

1) Fan Size

The larger a HVLS fan is, the more powerful it is to push air down. Depending on the height of your ceiling, determine the size of your HVLS fan. Smaller spaces with regular ceiling heights of between 8’ and 12’, a 6’ or 12’ HVLS fan is usually ideal. Larger spaces however, require one of up to 24’, optimally. 


HVLS price often varies across manufacturers, models, and features. Generally speaking, a HVLS fan malaysia comes in a full set including a motor unit, blades, motor control panel, motor control cable, remote cable, and remote. 

2) Shipping Cost 

Due to their massive proportions, shipping a medium to large HVLS fan typically ranges around RM840 depending on the petrol surcharge. 

3) Installation Cost 

Working with the best manufacturer of HVLS fan malaysia who uses a full-service distributor indicates that they will assist you from the sales process and all the way through the installation. Opting for such an extensive service is well worth the investment. You do not wish to have your fan poorly installed which can lead to inefficient cooling and increased power consumption. 

4) Hardware Cost 

Guy wires are required for ceiling clearance prior to the installation. Besides, kindly note the hardware prescribed by the solution you have decided upon. 

5)Warranty Cost 

HVLS fan malaysia offers a substantial amount of warranty period for their clients. The longer the warranty period is, the less you are required to pay in case of malfunctioning. 

6) Anodised Blades Cost

Anodised blades prevent corrosion. Consider this as an add-on feature when purchasing your ideal HVLS fan. 



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