Opt for a HVLS Fan Malaysia to Enjoy These Jaw-Dropping Benefits for Your Facility

02 May 2022
Opt for a HVLS Fan Malaysia to Enjoy These Jaw-Dropping Benefits for Your Facility
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Opt for a HVLS Fan Malaysia to Enjoy These Jaw-Dropping Benefits for Your Facility

Whether you are the owner of a distribution centre, factory, warehouse, or any other industrial buildings alike, you are in for a treat.

1) Improves Air Circulation & Enhance Employees’ Well-Being

Maintaining an optimal indoor air quality is extremely crucial for your employees. Unlike its traditional counterparts, HVLS fan malaysia features large fan blades which operate on low speed to quietly and efficiently move air throughout a facility. 

This eliminates stagnant air that is unhealthy for your employees. The first thing an owner of a facility should take note of is to prevent viruses from transmitting in your building; you can do so by improving ventilation. HVLS fan malaysia come in extremely handy for that matter to increase airflow supply and air circulation. 

2) Increases Morale & Productivity, and Promotes Safer Working Conditions 

Unbearable temperature within the building can cause the work morale and productivity of employees to deplete. A slight increase in temperature can leave a positive impact on employees' productivity and accuracy rates. 

HVLS fans malaysia are installed atop the facility’s ceiling hence you need not worry about the trip hazards of big, bulky warehouse fans like their extension cords. Quit worrying about where to place a fan or how to navigate around one while they operate. With a good pair of HVLS fan, your employees’ safety is in good hands. 

3) Easily Attains Energy Efficiency Goals

HVLS fan malaysia makes the perceived temperature of the building six to eight degrees lower than the actual temperature, thus enabling less energy usage while circulating the air for an evaporative cooling effect on the human skin. 

4) Evens Out the Building’s Temperature Under Cold Weather

We might not have winter in southeast asia, but there is a monsoon season. Through a process namely destratification, HVLS fans malaysia run in reverse where it sucks up the air and reduces the evaporative cooling effect that is released when fans run clockwise. 

Hot air rises naturally and gets trapped in the ceiling, forcing the cooler air to lay on the ground. With the help of a HVLS fan, the warm air is combined with the cold air on the ground to form an even temperature throughout the space in the building. 

5) Friendlier to Your Budget 

HVLS fan malaysia is extremely economical. While it does not require immense energy to operate, they work most effectively at low speeds. It comes with a controller that allows you to adjust the fan speed based on your requirements in a particular space which enables you to save more. 

6) Multifunctional 

HVLS fan malaysia adds value and comfortability in various industrial operations. In agricultural applications, it bugs and odour-proof the environment. In a warehouse or factory, it enhances the health, morale and productivity of employees while reducing stagnant air and rust on equipment. In a food and beverage manufacturing facility, it prevents food spoilage and offers significant temperature control. Last but not least, it also discourages birds from perching and nesting in facilities where doors are kept wide open. 

Taking a Step Forward

If you still wonder if HVLS fan malaysia are worth an investment, we give you a solid YES. Especially if you are looking for an option that does not cost you an arm and a leg, this is the perfect solution you have been longing for. 

A HVLS fan is an effective way out for your ventilation and air quality pitfalls. This excellent pair of industrial ceiling fan is apt to lower high heating and cooling bills, reduce energy usage, promote a comfortable working environment for your employees that are inclined to maximise their productivity levels, and lastly, fulfil the need for better ventilation. 

TK FanTastic have utilised cutting-edge technology over the years to install the best HVLS fan malaysia for your esteemed facility. While we understand that there is no one size that fits all, we are dedicated to helping clients in search of the perfect fit for their needs regardless. Harvest the benefits of installing a HVLS fan. Whether you have made up your mind, talk to our team of experts today about your needs and in the meantime, feel free to explore what we have to offer. 


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