High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan Malaysia

02 May 2022
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan Malaysia
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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan Malaysia 

In an industrial facility, it is of paramount importance to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees. Attaining this goal calls for multiple considerations, including preserving air quality in confined spaces which are regularly exposed to heat, humidity, exhaust, and airborne chemicals all of which can impact breathability. In such situations, a HVLS industrial fan Malaysia plays an important role as they help to expel poor quality air from and bring in clean air into a facility. 

Bearing these concerns in mind, TK FanTastic is amongst the leading HVLS industrial fan suppliers in Malaysia who provides a vast range of HVLS Fan and industrial fan to fulfil the needs of various clients in terms of flow direction, flow speed, as well as volume capacity. Our products are able to satisfy the application across a diverse category of industries including biotechnology, education, food and beverage, manufacturing, oil & gas, and many more. 

Surprising Benefits of HVLS Industrial Fan in Industrial Facilities 

A functional ventilation system is advantageous apart from mitigating health risks associated with contaminated air. Ventilation in general is pretty much essential to control the physical damage caused by moisture and reduce the impacts of chemical cleaning materials used on floors, kitchens, and bathrooms. In manufacturing facilities, ventilation is of premier importance to remove dust and dirt from the air; two biggest culprits causing machinery to overheat and harm its equipment. 

Buildings and facilities without air conditioning are advised to opt for the use of an industrial fan to create a more comfortable working atmosphere for employees. While fans do not reduce air temperature, they promote air circulation and a cooling effect on a person’s skin. Large industrial fans on adjacent walls can drive away high exhaust temperatures in facilities where boilers and other heat-generating equipment alike are involved. 

Choosing the Ideal Industrial Ventilation for Your Facility or Building 

After pinpointing which fan is the perfect fit for your facility or building, there exists multiple other key factors to weigh up which is more effective for a specific application. 

Direct drive 

Direct drive fans tend to run with more noise. While they operate at higher RPM and are easier to maintain, they do not move as much air compared to belt-driven models. High temperature fans that exceed 48.9 degrees Celsius are almost always belt-driven. 

Fan Location 

Fan designs and models intertwine with locations they are bound to be placed, be it on a wall, on a roof, or in a duct. Regardless of the area, the main functional components are similar. By analysing the structure of your building and ruling how the air should flow, you can decide for the most ideal location. 

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

Calculating the CFM typifies the amount of air that moves through a room whenever a fan runs at its maximum speed. The larger the area, the higher the CFM must be to efficiently cool down or ventilate that room. Typically, local building codes will display the necessary information to determine the proper CFM ranges. 

Static Pressure 

The static pressure is the pressure of resistance a fan requires to pull or blow against to move air in a specific direction. Whether the air is pushed or pulled, it must be greater than the resistance itself, otherwise no air will move. 

Noise Level 

The noise level of a fan can be measured in both decibels and sones. Sone rating calculates how much noise it generates. One sone is equivalent to about 1,000 Hz with a sound level of approximately 40 decibels above a typical level. Desirable ratings can range from around two sones in a private residence to between 25 and 50 sones in a large manufacturing facility. 

Applications of an Industrial Fan Malaysia 

Industry leaders in almost every sector utilise an industrial fan to better facilitate their daily operations. The type of industry, environment and process systems dictate which design is the most suitable. At TK FanTastic, all of our products are manufactured to solve solutions relating to various applications, from dust control to temperature control, and all the way up to air replacement. Our powerful industrial fan can help reduce or eliminate issues associated with high temperatures, corrosive environments, dirty air quality, and so much more. 

Some of the most common industrial applications are as follows : 


Industrial fans are heavily relied on in manufacturing facilities to reduce unwanted noise and regulate airborne dust and fumes. 

Oil & Gas 

Oil and gas facilities include industrial fans in their ventilation systems to regulate extreme temperature and get rid of excess noise. 

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology 

This industry employs industrial fans to maintain healthy air quality and clear out potentially hazardous compounds. 

Power Generation & Distribution 

The power sector calls for such fans to ventilate their enclosed facility buildings and minimise operational noise.

Research & Education 

Many research laboratories avail themselves with industrial fans to ensure the air quality is on-par with their standard and mitigate the risk of airborne contamination. 

Wastewater Treatment 

Industrial fans are regularly used in wastewater treatment facilities to remove pungent odours and harmful airborne contaminants. 

HVLS Industrial Fans from TK FanTastic 

At TK FanTastic, we manufacture and supply top-notch HLVS industrial fans that are best suited for large areas such as in a factory, warehouse, facility, and other workshop settings alike. Just push them around to anywhere you need their help with! Save energy and operate silently, their airflow spans up to 120 square feet and features an infinite speed control. Above all, they are waterproof and dustproof, making them extremely safe to be employed indoors and outdoors. 

Drop us an inquiry now to know more about our HVLS Industrial Fan!


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