The environment influences a customer experience

08 Apr 2021
The environment influences a customer experience
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Fan Type: UTF10
Fan Size: 10 feet
Colour: Black
Location: Kedai Kopi Faza Fiza, Kuantan

Lights, music, services, and interior design… We believe it or not, all these segments affect and influence us more than we think when we walked into a restaurant. Recent studies show that neuromarketing the environment is a crucial element and determining factor in the user experience.
         As of now, the food and beverage industry are competitive. Therefore, every time consumer judges a restaurant, they do based on elements that go beyond the ingredients of the dish, such as the comfortable of the environment. Perhaps, a well-conditioned premise and an environment chord can convince many have found their ideal place to eat, beyond what they think of their dishes.
       Therefore, we are highly recommending the F&B business to install our HVLS fan to enhance the customer dining experience. Especially the “kopitiam”, white-collar favourite place to lunch during weekday. We always saw people getting sweat at their back when they are having lunch and complaining the hot environment during the hot sunny day. By installing our HVLS fan, you may provide your customer with more comfortable environment to enjoy their foods and make them a returning and loyal customer at your restaurant. At the same time, you may also save electrical costs by replacing the HVLS fan with the air-conditioning. Also, one HVLS fan also may replace many small fans. This is because the HVLS fan will bring smoother and impactful air flow within the area, it may cover larger area than normal fan.
        Recently, we have installed our HVLS UTF10 series 10ft at a Kedai Kopi Faza Fiza, Kuantan. The customer requested to customize the fan blade into black colour to match with his restaurant theme. By installing the HVLS fan, the restaurant may save more cost achieve energy efficient effect. The installation is done by our experienced M&E partner. We provide the most professional consultation, installation, and post-sales services to our customers.

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