Best HVLS Fans Malaysia
Why Choose Fantastic Fans?

Large Air Coverage Area

HVLS fans have a wide blade span and a large diameter. The design of these fans enables them to work well in air circulation, whether indoors or outdoors.

High Air Circulation Output

The large fan blades and lower RPM allows for the HVLS fan units to give a good airflow speed along with the large coverage area that it gives.

Low Energy Consumption

The motors and gears in HVLS fans do not need to have a very high RPM for it to work. As such, you can expect your electricity bill for operating a HVLS fan unit to be lower than a succession of normal ceiling or standing fans.

High-Tech Accompanying System

Our HVLS fans work in conjunction with smart remote-control technology, advanced solar application system, and is also compatible with BMS Systems though these are optional items.

Low Noise Levels

As you might expect from low-speed fans, the noise levels are very low for its performance. Most of our fans have a noise level range of 42db – 50db.

Expert Team

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, as well as field work experience in the Oil & Gas sector – a contributing factor to the setting up and installation of the HVLS fans.

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