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Large & Big ceiling fan

Cost-Effective, Comfort and Efficient

We supply and install large & big industrial ceiling fans that are applicable for warehouses, factories, stadiums, schools, mosques, courier centres and more.

Enjoy the natural breeze and refreshing coolness that our large ceiling fans provide to every corner. More durable than ordinary fans, our big ceiling fans reduces power consumption and covers large areas. 

We have products with specifications and functions that can satisfy your every need. Our large ceiling fans reduce power consumption and save cost without hassle.

Benefits of Large & Big Ceiling Fan


Cooling Breeze

  • Fantastic HVLS Large Ceiling Fans facilitates natural flowing air and improves the quality and ventilation of air.

Optimal Comfort

  • Our large ceiling fan dispels odour and prevents stagnant air in areas with large crowds such as mosque, stadiums, warehouses and halls.

Prevent Damage of Goods/Products

  • The constant air movement maintains consistent temperature and humidity. Thus, optimal ventilation from our ceiling fans prevents mould formation, rusting, corrosion and condensation.

Increase Productivity

  • Comfortable and conducive environments leads to better work quality and increase in work productivity.

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